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About Wedding Wish

by Candyland Designs

Wedding Wish by Candyland Designs is a non-profit organization based in Central Florida, dedicated to making dreams come true for couples facing serious illness. Our journey began in 2018 when Leia Perez, the founder of Candyland Designs, envisioned a way to extend her passion for creating beautiful wedding cakes into a charitable endeavor.

Initially focused solely on providing wedding cakes and decorations for couples in need, Wedding Wish quickly evolved as we realized the profound challenges that many couples were facing. Serious illnesses not only imposed emotional and physical burdens but also placed significant financial strain on these couples.

In response, we expanded our mission to encompass not only the creation of dream weddings but also the provision of mental health counseling. This holistic approach addresses the emotional well-being of couples, recognizing the importance of their mental health in the face of adversity. We believe that every couple deserves the chance to celebrate their love, regardless of the obstacles life throws their way.

Throughout our journey, we’ve been fortunate to receive tremendous support from our local community, volunteers, and donors. Our commitment to transparency and accountability has earned us the trust of those who believe in our mission.

Leia Perez


Our History

How Wedding Wish Started...

It all began when Leia Perez, renowned for her exquisite wedding cakes, decided to give back. She started by offering free wedding cakes to couples with inspiring stories of love and resilience.

As these touching stories poured in, Leia’s heart swelled with empathy. She realized the profound challenges these couples faced due to life-altering illnesses. Driven by the desire to do more, Leia rallied local businesses and wedding professionals. Together, they decided to create something extraordinary: free dream weddings for couples in need.

Initially intended as a gift for a single deserving couple, Wedding Wish soon found itself overwhelmed by an outpouring of love stories. Each one was as compelling as the last, making it impossible to choose just one.

In response to this tidal wave of love and support, Wedding Wish by Candyland Designs emerged as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Its mission: to transform the dreams of couples battling serious illnesses into beautiful, love-filled realities.


We grant the wedding wishes of couples who, despite the challenges of illness, deserve a day filled with love, joy, and cherished memories. We are dedicated to transforming their dreams into reality, offering them a chance to experience the magic of their special day without the burden of health-related worries. We believe that love knows no boundaries, and neither should the ability to celebrate it. Our organization is driven by the smiles, tears of joy, and lasting memories that our efforts create, leaving a profound impact on the lives of those we touch.


Our goal is to foster community support, spreading love and hope to those who need it most. Through the generosity of our donors and the dedication of our volunteers, we aim to create a positive impact on the lives of couples facing adversity, leaving a legacy of love and compassion in our community.

Working With The Best

Our Board

Our Board of Directors is comprised of community leaders with expertise in a wide range of areas, including training, advocacy, education, finance & business management. They bring a wealth of experiences and expertise to Wedding Wish, united by their passion for our mission. It’s our  pleasure to introduce them to you.

Leia Perez


Logann Veney

Vice President

Pernell Bush

Mental Health Director

Donesha Anthony

Event Director

Kelly Garrison

Admin Assistant